Milano Cadorna Station

Milano Cadorna Station

Milano Cadorna Station, also known as Stazione delle Ferrovie Nord, is located on the square of the same name near Castello Sforzesco and Triennale di Milano and it’s the terminus of the railway lines towards Saronno and Asso. The Ferrovie Nord are a fundamental mean of transport through the city, the hinterland and the Pre-alps zone  and they were founded in 1874 by Belgium businessman Albert Vaucamps who began with the Saronno-Milano line, finished in 1979. The station was completely rebuilt in 1956 due to the increasing amount of travellers.

The latest refurbishment dates back to 2000 when it was restyled the entire Piazzale Cadorna, which is famous for the sculpture by Swedish artists Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen called “Needle, thread and knot”, symbol of Milan’s industriousness and homage to the fashion industry. At the Cadorna Station stop subway lines M1 and M2 and some trams and buses owned by ATM. Cadorna is the point of departure of Malpensa Express trains that go to Malpensa Airport. 


Milano Cadorna – Saronno – Novara,

Milano Cadorna – Saronno – Varese – Laveno,

Milano Cadorna – Saronno – Como,

Milano Cadorna – Seveso – Canzo/Asso,

Malpensa Express (MXP): Milano Cadorna – Malpensa Aeroporto (Terminal 1),

Rail bypass – suburban line S3 Milano Cadorna – Saronno,

S4 Milano Cadorna – Camnago/Lentate, subway stop (Cadorna, lines M1 and M2),

tram stop (Cadorna M1 M2, line 1),

Taxi service outside the station.

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