Expo Milano 2015

Expo Milano 2015

Expo Milan 2015 is the Universal Exposition about alimentation and nourishment that will be held in Italy from 1 May to 31 October 2015. Every country, embracing their own culture and traditions, will be focusing on the right to healthy, secure, sufficient and sustainable food for all the world’s inhabitants in the future.

Milan is an international showcase where all the countries, with their own technologies will help securing the right to healthy and sufficient food for all the world’s inhabitants, in a sustainable way.  On the occasion of the exposition the city organized many artistic and music events, lectures, shows, workshops and exhibitions. The attending countries have been asked to render the theme “Feeding the planet, energy for life” and explain the meaning of their contents through a thematic concept; the participants can choose if to autonomously build their stand (Self-Built Stands) or, it’s an innovation of this expo, to participate with their own space inside a Thematic Cluster (there’s nine of them).

The exposition area has two main avenues, named Cardo and Decumano, which flank the pavilions of the participating countries, squares and public areas. The exposition area extends over 1,1 million m2, over 12.000 trees have been planted on it and over 20 million visitors are expected.

There are four Thematic Areas:

Pavilion Zero traces the history of humankind via its relationship with food;

Future Food District explains how technology will change food storage, distribution, purchase and consumption.

Children Park is a playground where kids can learn about the themes of Expo Milano 2015 while having fun,

Parco della Biodiversità is a large garden reproducing the different ecosystems of our planet.

The fifth thematic area is Arts & Foods that will be hosted inside Palazzo della Triennale, close to the city centre; the exhibition explores how the relationship between food and art has changed over the centuries. The countries who chose not to have their own pavilion can participate to Expo thanks to the Clusters: they are exhibition spaces bringing together countries that all produce, or have a relationship with, a specific food, where exhibitions, cooking demonstrations and tastings will take place, and there will also be a market, where visitors can discover these foods, presented directly by the people who cultivate them.

Countries in Clusters have their own exhibition space where they can show their interpretation of the theme of Expo Milano 2015.

The Clusters of Expo 2015 are:

Rice – Abundance and Security: within the Rice Cluster, the visitor will have the chance to time-travel and see how people in different countries have, over the years, come up with innovative ways to cultivate rice.

Cocoa and Chocolate – The Food of Gods: the Cluster recreates the places where cocoa is cultivated:  tropical and subtropical plantations. Visitors will feel as if they are walking into the jungle.

Coffee – The Engine of Ideas: this Cluster narrates the past, present, and future of coffee, focusing on three areas: the product and its journey from bean to cup; the creativity, art and culture that have developed around the coffee-drinking ritual.

Fruits and Legumes: this Cluster features areas cultivated with different varieties of fruit trees and bushes.

The World of Spices: the Cluster evokes a journey spanning different ways of growing, harvesting and using spices in many ways, as cooking ingredients, as well as for medicinal purposes and in social and cultural rituals.

Cereals and Tubers – Old and New Crops: the pavilion aims to provide the necessary explanations about the ways cereals and tubers are grown.

Bio-Mediterraneum: Health, Beauty and Harmony:  the concept of this Cluster is based upon Mediterranean cuisine and the way of life in this area, with a special emphasis on participation and integration; the protagonists are olive oil, bread, and various wines: three elements that have played a vital role in the history of the Mediterranean sea that connects three continents (Europe, Africa and Asia).

Islands, Sea and Food: the Cluster narrates the cultures and the economies of the islands of the Pacific, of the Western Indian Ocean and of the Caribbean region.

Agriculture and Nutrition in the Arid Zones: desert sandstorms provide the inspiration for the design of this Cluster, symbolizing the harshness of life in arid zones, and the difficulty of taking advantage of such a harsh territory.

Expo 2015 will stimulate each country’s creativity, will promote innovations for a sustainable future, while giving the visitors the opportunity to find out about, and taste, the world’s best dishes, while discovering the best of the agri-food and gastronomic traditions of each of the exhibitor countries.

How to reach the Exposition Site 

by train: simply follow the signs for Rho Fiera Milano train station (expected travel-time is about 15 minutes from Stazione Centrale and 19 minutes from Stazione Garibaldi); visitors arriving by High-Speed Frecciarossa train access the Exposition Site via a new station at Porta Ovest. Rho Fiera station can be reached using a single ticket that is valid on both the ATM (Milan public transport) and Trenord (railway) networks.

Private buses Gran Turismo will drop visitors at the long-term Merlata parking area or at the Roserio Terminal: advance booking is necessary. The Roserio Terminal is a short distance on foot from the security area, which leads directly onto the Expo Site.

Visitors arriving by car can use the following parking areas (booking is necessary): Merlata (adjacent to the Merlata Sud access point) Arese (free shuttle bus from the Roserio Est access point) Fiera Milano (free shuttle bus from the Fiorenza Ovest access point) Trenno (free shuttle bus from the Roserio Est access point).

Taxis will drop passengers either at: Merlata Sud, Roserio Est.

By plane: the LinateMalpensa and Orio al Serio airports are all the same distance from the Exposition Site, and offer shuttle bus services into downtown Milan.

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